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Sports events

Focus, speed, grace, persistence

  • We don’t charge any fees from the event organisers

  • We are self-sufficient – we organize our own travel and bring our own equipment

  • We do the full cycle – we take photos, display and offer them for printing through our intuitive digital system, print and pack the photos for the clients

  • We are a bright addition to the program of your event

  • We are best at serving the events with up to 2000 participants

  • We set up enough viewing stations so participants can independently view and select photos

  • Selecting and ordering photos is fast and simple – anyone can easily navigate our system

  • Together with a customer we carefully go through all selected photos and make slight improvements if necessary

  • We print and pack the photos for the customer right on the spot – here & now

  • The pictures are printed in the highest quality with our reliable dye-sublimation printers

  • We have experience working in an international environment and communication in four languages

  • We sustain bright memories and provide the best souvenirs to the contestants, participants and spectators

  • We take photos for free and ensure affordable printing – our prices start at as low as € 4 per photo

  • All we need to provide quality service is: space – a place where we won’t block anyone and will be reachable by the competitors and the audience. 2x5 or 3x8 metres will be enough, access to electricity – a 220 V socket within 50-metre distance

  • Space for a photo booth – we know how much participants value this little extra effort, especially when it is right next to the competing area (we need access to electricity – a 220 V socket within 50-metre distance)

Two options:

  • Small: backdrop banner size: 3x3 m, necessary space in front: 4x4 m

  • Big: backdrop banner size: 6x3 m, necessary space in front: 6x6 m